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Success in Sports

Before vision therapy I tried playing several sports. When I played softball, I had trouble catching and hitting the ball because I couldn’t see. Vision therapy was hard work but school and sports are much easier for me now. Thank you for helping me with my vision. -- Erika (age 10)

Sports were a nightmare! I could never score or hit the the ball, unless it was t-ball, and even then I had trouble. In camp, I had trouble catching the ball and I got the name “Butterfingers”. I felt really bad, and I faked sick for the rest of camp so I wouldn’t have to go. I was playing intramural soccer at the Middle School and I actually scored a goal for the time! The next day, the principal announced which homerooms won and which kids scored goals. I could hardly believe that I was hearing my name being announced. Also, I started reading faster and copying notes better. Vision training also improved my golf skills. As you know, golf requires accuracy. I can now hit the ball farther and get it into the hole with fewer strokes than before. -- Ryan (age 12)

I wanted schoolwork to be easier and I wanted to improve in sports. …. I have gotten better at both basketball and football, even when I don’t wear my glasses. …At school …. I can usually finish all of the problems on a quiz or test and all of my math worksheets. -- Russell (age 11)

I had a great year learning to do things that were hard for me at the beginning of the year. Like learning to read better, being able to catch and hit a ball better and I am able to make better grades at school. -- Rebecca (age 9)


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