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20/20 eyesight does not mean perfect vision. Children and adults with high visual demands often experience visual stress and have undetected visual problems that interfere with their ability to achieve. We need good visual efficiency and the ability to understand what we see to go about our daily activities with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Vision Therapy will help you or your child by
  • Developing the visual skills necessary for school, work and play
  • Enhancing your performance for tasks that require sustained visual effort
  • Preventing vision and eye problems from developing or worsening
  • Rehabilitating visual skills changed by accident or injury
  • If you or your child experiences visual fatigue, blur, headaches, loss of place, reduced comprehension or difficulty concentrating… If your child struggles with handwriting, copying what is seen, confusion in understanding what s/he sees, learning to recognize letters and numbers or understanding social cues…
    Optometric Vision Therapy can help you to see better, work smarter and play to win. It will help your child learn easier and faster and improve sports performance.

    Patients of all ages can benefit from vision therapy. Whether it's a three year-old child with amblyopia or "lazy eye", a seven year-old child with strabismus or "crossed eye", a nine year-old student struggling to read and learn or a 30 year-old computer programmer experiencing eye strain, vision therapy will be helpful.

    Vision Therapy Programs are individualized to meet your specific needs. A typical program involves weekly office visits along with instruction for activities to be done at home to reinforce what is achieved during the office therapy sessions. The length of the program may be as short as three months or as long as a year. In very complex situations we may work with you even longer. Your commitment to the recommended treatment program is important and we promise to work with you until you've reached your maximum potential.

    The Benefits of Vision Therapy will last for a lifetime. Vision therapy prepares a child for lifelong learning and allows adults an improved quality of life. Learning, earning and recreation can be enjoyed with minimum effort and maximum success.

    Dr. Cathy Stern looks forward to working with you. For more information, please visit the web sites listed under Links or Contact Us.

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