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Test your knowledge with this true or false quiz.

1. 20/20 means perfect vision.
The answer is False.

The number 20/20 is a measure of your eyesight. It indicates that you can see small letters clearly from a distance. Excellent vision includes many other visual skills such as coordinating your two eyes together (eye teaming), changing and/or maintaining focus easily, moving your eyes efficiently from one place to another and seeing clearly within arm’s reach.

2. A young child will generally outgrow lazy eye or eye tracking problems.
The answer is False.

In general, children do not outgrow vision problems that interfere with school and sports. Professional vision care may be necessary to help your child learn the eye movements needed to accurately read words on a page or to follow a moving object like a ball.

3. My child’s last eye exam was at the pediatrician’s office.
The answer is False.

The vision screening performed in the pediatrician’s office tests distance sight, which has little bearing on how you use your eyes for close work and reading. Many parents overlook a complete professional vision examination for their child and this is the best means of detecting vision problems that interfere with reading and learning. One in four school age child will have a vision problem that interferes with the ability to learn.

4. Most people are born with perfect vision.
The answer is False.

Although most of us are born with healthy eyes, many visual skills are learned through a developmental process during childhood -- just like walking, and talking. Not everyone develops the full balance of abilities needed for learning, work and sports. These abilities can also be impaired by accident or injury.

5. Vision Therapy can help at any age.
The answer is True.

Adults and children can benefit from a vision therapy program. Many adults struggle with vision problems that went undetected in their youth. While early detection is helpful, age does not limit your chance for success.

6. Vision Therapy can maximize success in school, work and sports.
The answer is True.
Our motto is “see better, learn easier, work smarter and play to win.” Only testing and treatment by a developmental or behavioral optometrist can maximize your success in school, work and sports.


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