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Vision is more than 20/20. Routine prescription eyeglasses only improve eyesight. Performance lenses may be needed even if you have sharp eyesight. Performance lenses enhance visual skill and maximize your abilities in school, work and sports.

Dr. Cathy Stern can help you learn easier, work smarter and play to win.
Stress brings up a constriction of your functional visual field. You see less, remember less and become generally less efficient. In school a child will learn less and while driving an adult will observe less.

Common Symptoms of a Visual Performance Problem
  • Skips/rereads lines
  • Words jumping on the page
  • Print blurs or doubles
  • Short attention span
  • Headaches or eye fatigue
  • Blur when looking up from close work
  • Inconsistent sports performance
Performance Lenses are designed to help you see and observe all that is around you so it takes less effort and energy to read, learn and work. Activities like riding a bike, driving a car and catching a ball become easier and more enjoyable.

Performance Lenses can be prescribed at any age. They help prevent vision problems from developing or worsening. Children with 20/20 eyesight who struggle in school and adults who experience eye fatigue will often benefit from performance lenses.

Dr. Cathy Stern can perscribe performance lenses to maximize your performance in school, work, and sprots.

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